Listen to five mp3 files from Máirín new Live album. To hear a song sample, click on the orange song titles.
1 Yankee Polka Set
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music)
During the early 90’s we spent some great musical weekends down in Dingle, Co. Kerry in the company of Seamus Begley and Steve Cooney. This set of Polkas which finishes with the Yankee Polka was inspired by the playing of this dynamic duo.
2 Súil a Rún
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
A traditional bilingual song (Gaelic and English)in which a beautiful Irish girl prays that her finacee who has gone to fight the war in France will return safely.
3 Pachelbel Reels
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
The last tune in this set is a reel which is loosely based on the pachelbel canon.
4 Bantry Girls Lament
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
There is an old Irish saying, "all our wars were merry and our songs were sad". This is a song from west Cork which laments the departure of Johnny who is fighting in Spain.
5 Journey across the Water
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
A hornpipe followed by a bluegrass tune. This set celebrates the great connection between Irish Music and Bluegrass Music. One could say Greengrass and Bluegrass. The hornpipe has the sombre name of “The brown Coffin” which reminds us of the fact that during the Famine years many immigrants from Ireland travelling to the States perished on the horrendous transatlantic voyage.
6 Lark in the Morning
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music B Hayes)
The Lark could be described as the mother of all jigs. Here we jazz it up a little.

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Lyrics for the following songs:

Bantry Girls Lament,
Last Rose of Summer,
Siúl a rún

7 Last Rose of Summer
(Thomas Moore)
Thomas Moore was a famous Irish Poet and this song was inspired by the sight of a rose growing in the middle of winter in the grounds of Jenkingstown Castle.
8 Midnight in Galway
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly)
A track which reminds us of the many great sessions we had in Galway.
9 Quays Reels
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
A set of reels which we have performed many times with Furry Village in Galway’s famous music venue, "The Quays".
10 Pockets of Gold
(Dáithí Sprool)
I first heard this played by the great Chicago fiddle player, Liz Carroll. Later I found out it had been written by Dáithí Sprool.
11 Ragtime Annie
(Trad arr M Fahy/C Kelly Abbey Music. B Hayes)
This features 2 great bluegrass tunes, 'The blackberry blossom' and 'Ragtime Annie'.
12 Furry Jigs
(Gerard Fahy Bardis Music)
Three jigs recently composed by Gerard Fahy
13 The Dutch Man
(Michael Peter Smith)
Recorded live by P.’t Hardt at Schiedam,Holland 2003
Special thanks to Jan & Jannie Verhoeven for bringing this track our way.
Máirín Fahy - Electric Fiddle & Vocals
Chris Kelly - Guitars
Benny Hayes - Keyboards & Vocals
Yvonne Fahy - Percussion & Accordian
Gerard Fahy - Uileann Pipes, Whistle & Bouzuki
Barry Conboy - Electric Guitar
MC Whelans - Yvonne McMahon
Live sound at Whelans - Aidan Reid
Mixed by Barry Conboy & Chris Kelly
Produced by Chris Kelly
Edited and Mastered by Willie Dunne,
Room With a View Studios, Moate
Artwork and Design - Little Studio
Photography - Peter Harkin

Special Thanks - Peter Boone & Everyone
who has helped us realise this live album

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